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Landela Dogs - Follow the dogs

Landela means to follow . It is a Zulu and siSwati word that works in the context of following a track or path, tracking an animal or person, following a flow of information, directions or teachings and following a leader. LANDELA DOGS follows the ways that dogs communicate with each other and tap into dogs' natural desire to follow a leader, creating strong bonds and clear communication between dog and owner. I use positive, reward based methods coupled with appropriate corrections and guidance to bring out the best in your dog.

I spent a few years growing up in Southern Africa and my love of dogs continued to grow there from the half wild ones, to the loyal guard dogs, to the lion-hunting ones, it's probably no surprise that I've always been drawn to rescues and strays since working professionally. I've always followed the natural ways of dogs, and so far, they've followed back.


About Thuli Lamb

I've had dogs or cats or both since I was 4 years old and I know how much joy a pet can bring. I also know how frustrating, depressing or scary it can be if, for one reason or another, you don't have the control you need or the rewarding relationship you want from your pet. When I was at University I took sole charge of my parent's largely untamed chocolate labrador and spent a good few years trying to bring calmness, confidence and balance into her life. Obedience inevitably followed and as the trust between us grew I began learning from her, watching the way she interacted with other dogs, diffusing moments of tension, ignoring unstable behaviour, initiating play, establishing her authority or displaying her submissiveness depending on the encounter. I began to watch documentaries, read books and academic papers, and my desire to learn more about the way dogs communicate with each other eventually led to the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training with their extensive range of dog behavioural courses and seminars. I am particularly interested in dog-on-person aggression, its reasons and how to treat it. 

In 2017 I travelled to Bulgaria to help out Street Hearts, a neutering campaign and street-dog rehab centre, to work closely with the feral, aggressive, scared, sick and abused dogs they have rescued there and learned a great deal in the process. I continue to be their consultant on behavioural issues and will visit as often as possible. Understanding the needs of traumatised or troubled dogs is something I have a true passion for and am always seeking ways to further my work with rescue dogs and rehabilitation centres. 

I am now also a K9 Support Handler for London Lowland Search and Rescue volunteering time to train and work with trailing and air-scenting dogs.

Last summer I adopted a Street Heart from Bulgaria of my own and cycled 2,500km back to London with her in a trailer. She now lives and works with me and we continue to take the time to have little adventures, we started with such a big one that it's pretty hard to live up to!


When we aren't seeking out nice places to walk or helping with unruly pooches we're travelling to see family, doing doggy parkour or snuggling on the sofa (if it's invited behaviour - it's allowed!)

Taking a break in Hungary! (Yes we ate a lot of food)

Taking a break in Hungary! (Yes we ate a lot of food)