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We believe that by understanding the natural ways dogs communicate and their innate needs, we can achieve balance, respect and companionship in our relationships with our dogs. Learning to read dog behaviours and body language is key to strengthening this bond. Dogs are able, in their own way, to read human body language; picking up on our moods and our energies. After all, the dog is the ONLY animal in the world to have evolved alongside humans, for mutual gain and advantage. Those advantages may have got a little lost along the way - we have begun to breed them out of all practicality and most pets don't have 'jobs' anymore - but dogs evolved to be at our sides; to be our best friends as the old saying goes. And that remains true today.

So how do we start to understand our canine friends? Dogs communicate with us all the time - body language is everything: ears can signal excitement, discomfort, nervousness, tails can do much the same, as can paws, tongues, eyes, and lips.

Understanding what your dog is thinking, what they need and what they want is the key to making both of you the happy, fulfilled partners you deserve to be. 

Landela Dogs can help you use natural dog behaviour to manage, reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviour and build a strong bond of trust and love between you and your dog. 


A canine behaviour consultation will typically last between 2 and 3 hours and can take place in the home. 

Puppy consultations make sure you and your new addition get the best start.

Puppy consultations make sure you and your new addition get the best start.

After your initial contact, briefly explaining the main problems you wish to address, you will be sent relevant forms regarding your dog, their history and current lifestyle and an appointment will be scheduled at your convenience.

Private consultations take the form of a one-on-one interview, practical observation and testing of the dog's behavioural responses, an initial diagnosis, and a demonstration of relevant techniques and tools to help you. You will be sent a full report of the consultation with written instructions and action plans to implement.

It is important to discuss your dog's history and the problems you're experiencing to enable us to build a complete and accurate behavioural profile. We'll explore things you may have tried in the past and your own responses to living with your dog's behavioural issues and any other pertinent information including your own unique living situation. We aim to offer advice without judgement and to accommodate all levels of experience and ability. 


For help with basic lead training and obedience we offer courses of 3, 6, and 10, one hour sessions which can take place in the home or in a local park. 

We recommend local puppy training classes for socialisation benefits but we are aware that some dogs do not learn well in busy and hectic environments or may have issues with other dogs that cannot be addressed during classes. In these cases private obedience training can be the best alternative. Please get in touch to discuss options.