One of our dogs has an extremely high prey drive and after chasing a few too many squirrels, foxes and cats and the occasional horse, we decided enough was enough.

Thuli visited our home and got to know our dogs and our issues. We were impressed with her insight and communication.

She took us all out for a walk, introduced us to a long leash, and used treats and verbal and physical cues to manage his stimulation levels and direct his behaviour.

The effect was immediate - even during that first walk, he was noticeably calmer and more attentive to us.

He’s still not perfect, but walkies are noticeably more enjoyable now.

It felt like hiring Thuli was a relatively big outlay but overall it was a great investment, and we’ve all learnt a lot! Thanks Thuli!
— Cheryl and Jonathan with Darwin - Rescue Chow Mix

"Thuli took the time to get to know our dog and what approach would work best for her. And it has worked, our anxious rescue pup is now boldly walking on the street! We’ve been telling everyone about Landela Dogs."

- Fizz with Noz - Romanian Rescue Mix

It was so helpful to have all aspects of his behaviour and ways to change his behaviour explained so clearly. We are already seeing really positive changes in his behaviour, so I really am very grateful for your visit and all your help and advice!
— Georgia with Ted - Jack Russel Cross Rescue
Thuli has a remarkable way with dogs - and she’s pretty brilliant with humans too! Our young retriever can be quite difficult - she can be anxious and aggressive. But Thuli’s advice has really helped. We have learnt so much - and our dog absolutely loves her. Thanks Thuli. We feel really lucky to have found you.
— Hilary and Nigel with Dixie - Golden Retriever

"Very impressed with Thuli's way with dogs. She taught a dominant, aggressive young male Husky-cross how to live peacefully alongside a Labrador bitch and a male cat; and how to interact with unknown dogs out on walks. She improved his recall; got him used to strangers coming into the house. I thoroughly recommend Landela Dogs."

- Penny with Obi - Husky, GSD Mix

After moving from a quiet country neighbourhood to central London, my 4 year old Yorkie became very aggressive whenever we encountered another dog on the street. This was happening all the time as London is filled with dogs and their owners. Unfortunately, once he started barking, I wasn’t able to stop him and it would cause quite a scene.. Thuli was fantastic with him. In our first session, she was able to get him to focus on her instead of the other dogs which eliminated the barking. She was able to show me several techniques to use (depending upon the situation) to change his focus and get him comfortable passing by other dogs.

She has a wonderful way with dogs. Her methods are very positive, gentle and compassionate but at the same time she demonstrates that she is in control not the dog. We have continued to work on socializing my dog in parks and gardens and he is becoming more and more comfortable with his peers. She is an amazing trainer for dog and owner.
— Lori with Murphy - Yorkshire Terrier

"I was having real issues with my baby Frenchie and separation. After one traumatising day for both me and my pup I thought he would NEVER be able to spend time alone... and then came Thuli! Not only was she completely understanding, my pup loved her. Explaining what his behaviours meant, and understanding the reasons and expectations to get little Bubba where he needed to be. Over the past 4 days I have practiced her teachings and he is excelling! I can’t believe the progress he is making, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the tools and confidence Thuli gave me. Really proud to say after a short period of time I just left my puppy alone for 10 minutes without any protest whatsoever and on my return he was sleeping. I can’t thank or recommend her more highly."

- Emelena with Bubba - French Bulldog

We received help from the lovely Thuli a few years ago after we had had no luck with numerous trainers.

Thuli was fantastic! Her super friendly and kind manor (with us and our dog) and her confidence, knowledge and experience was so reassuring.

Thuli is our one and only when it comes to looking after our dog

When we go away also. My husband and I fully recommend her and all her services.
— Ali with Cash - Puggle
Thuli came to us voluntarily for 2 weeks to help with our street dog neutering programme in Dryanovo, Bulgaria. Street dogs are often scared of people and new experiences so catching them is a major issue. The next problem is some dogs cannot return to the streets due to illnesses or other problems.
Thuli has been incredibly professional and helpful. The first day we went out and caught a mother and two 6 month old puppies. They had fear aggression and one of the puppies did bite us. Within 3 days she had gained their full trust and had them all walking on leads. After a year of working on our neutering programme we have never made progress as quick as this! Thuli has also worked with 5 other frightened puppies, again gaining their trust and lead training them.
Overall Thuli has been amazing and we wish we could keep her forever! Her enthusiasm, practical support and obvious love for dogs is remarkable.
— Emma from Street Hearts BG Rescue
Thanks for coming today - we were both saying how much we get out of the sessions with you, it’s really helping.

I also wanted to say we really appreciate that you’re being so open and direct with us, even when it’s stuff that’s a bit difficult to hear (for me that’s the fact that the way I treat Veer hasn’t put him on the path of being a fully independent and confident dog) - neither of us deal well with sugarcoating so we love your approach.

Looking forward to the next session!
— Lucie & Anuj with Veer - Cocker Spaniel (Via email)

"We asked Thuli at Landela Dogs for advice when we began our search for a rescue dog that would fit into our family. She was incredibly intuitive and understood both what were looking for and what the different dogs would require from us. It was so reassuring to have that experience and guidance. I would recommend Landela Dogs whenever looking for a new dog or when a new dog moves into your home."

- Lucy and Family